We source a large variety of the best electric vehicles from top manufacturers so you can have the best electric car purchasing experience possible. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive commuting option or an extended range hybrid for road tripping, we have them and everything in between. 

Used Electric Vehicles on our lot:

Our vehicles come from Western Canada and the West Coast of the United States. All vehicles have completed Out of Province and Out of Country inspections, as well as rigorous range-test to ensure the batteries are in good condition. The GoElectric All Inclusive Pricing model includes the purchase price of the vehicle, a new snow brush, and a 30-day Bumper-to-Bumper warranty. Purchasing  a vehicle will qualify buyers for a 10% discount on winter tires, rims, and all-weather floor mats. Our 30-day Vehicle Buy Back Guarantee will allow you to purchase a vehicle with confidence knowing that it can be returned within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with your Electric Vehicle. Simply bring the vehicle back to us in 30 days or less and we will buy it back from you minus $0.25/km driven and a $500 Administration and Re-Inspection fee.

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Download a copy of our BMW i3 general data sheet here:

Link to BMW Inventory

With all you would expect from BMW, the award-winning i3 has shot to the front of the electric vehicle pack since it was introduced in 2014. Available as an all-electric or with a range-extending gasoline charge motor (REX – range extender option), this car has great numbers for range, power, and efficiency. The BMW i3 is available in 3 different trim levels and with some of the best batteries on the market, you can easily purchase one with confidence that it will give you many years of reliable service. The average range for this vehicle is 131 km

Check out our current selection of premium used BMW i3 models.

Download a copy of our Chevy Spark general data sheet here:

Link To Chevy Spark Inventory

Not be to confused with the gas-powered Spark, wait until you step on the “pass-pedal” – WOW, this little car goes! It is hard to tell, but this is actually a 4 door car. Perfect for those of you who need a little more room, like a bit of zip, and do not want to break the bank to get one. Be sure to check out the seats, Chevy did a great job stylising these to fit with the Electric Car theme. These were discontinued in 2016, get one while you still can! Estimated range on a full charge is approximately 130km in optimal driving conditions. 

Check out our current selection of premium used Chevy Sparks here.

Download a copy of our Chevy Volt general data sheet here:

Link to Chevy Volt Inventory

This second generation Chevy Volt Hybrid is the go-to car for the single car family looking to replace their gasoline or diesel vehicle with something more economical. With a hybrid range of 550 – 600km and an electric only range of 60-85 km, the 2016 Volt can cover most daily commuter mileage on an electric charge and has plenty of extra capacity for longer trips using the Hybrid technology. Owners rave about how economical and well built they are. This should be the first Hybrid car you think of, and the one that all others should be measured against. 

Check out our current selection of premium used Chevy Volts Here.

Download a copy of our Fiat 500e general data sheet here:

Link to Fiat 500e Inventory

An attractive, sporty little car which is otherwise unavailable in Canada, the Fiat 500e is a great commuter. These cars represent the best value we can offer in an EV: sticker price for a new 500e is approximately $46,000 (Canadian), whereas a two year old Fiat in very nice shape, with approximately 40,000km can be had for less than $20K. Estimated range on a full charge is approximately 135km in optimal driving conditions.

 Check out our current selection of premium used Fiat 500e Electric Cars here.

Download a copy of our Kia Soul EV general data sheet here:

Link to Kia Soul EV Inventory

Everyone we know who owns a gas-powered Soul LOVES it! Kia just got it right: ergonomics, functionality, styling and great features. The all-electric Soul EV is difficult to find, but has also hit the mark,. It is the “Kia Soul of EVs!” Get it? Well, come on down to GoElectric and see one for yourself! Estimated range on a full charge is approximately 145km in optimal driving conditions.

 Check out our current selection of premium used Kia Soul Electric Vehicles here.

Download a copy of our Nissan Leaf general data sheet here:

2015 Nissan Leaf S, Black, driver side profile
Link to Nissan Leaf Inventory
The Nissan Leaf is the forerunner of modern Electric Cars, first being released in 2011. The Leaf has attained a cult-like following with hundreds of thousands of happy owners worldwide. When you drive one you will see why; they are super-comfortable, quite roomy, well made, and available with an attractive range of options and trim levels. Come by GoElectric today to get behind one and get ready to fall in love. Estimated range on a full charge is approximately 130km in optimal driving conditions. 

Check out our current selection of premium used Nissan Leafs here. 

Download a copy of our Mercedes Benz Smart ForTwo Electric Drive general data sheet here:

Yellow Smart ForTwo Electric Car, electric vehicle, GoElectric
Link to Smart ED Inventory

Everybody has seen those little Car2Go cars rolling around town, right?  Well, if you have ever driven one, you are in for a surprise when you try the Smart ForTwo electric version:  Zooooom!  They are so great, that is all Mercedes makes now; this may be the ultimate conflation of economy and quality.  Great commuter car for all the same reasons Car2Go used them, and MORE (or should I say “less?”) Estimated range on a full charge is approximately 101 km in optimal driving conditions.

Check out our current selection of premium used Smart ForTwo Electric Drive vehicles here.

Download a copy of our Volkswagen e-Golf general data sheet here:

Blue VW e-Gulf
Link to VW e-Golf Inventory

The Volkswagen e-Golf is not your typical electric car. It’s a Volkswagen, which also happens to run on batteries. With it’s uncompromising German engineering, sporty in-town performance, and boastful interior space all jammed into an eye-catching hatchback design, this could very well be the car of your dreams. These cars are very rare in Calgary, so swing by our dealership to check one out today!

Check out our current selection of premium used VW e-Golf vehicles here.