Bringing the Future of Driving to You

Bringing the Future of Driving to You

Meet the behind GoElectric

Jim Steil has always been an outside-the-box thinker with entrepreneurial tendencies. Concrete proof of this came at the young age of 15 when he opened a neighbourhood bicycle repair shop. His fascination with science and mechanics led him on a 10-year world tour teaching High School Physics and Chemistry. Storytelling was his tool of choice, therefore his students learned through hands on experience, not by cracking textbooks.

It was a natural progression for him to become interested in electric vehicles; like him, they are unique, purpose built, and full of surprises when the hood gets popped. He was so enamored with their particular blend of science and functionality that he was compelled to start a project to convert his classic Volvo into an Electric Vehicle. This enthusiasm soon mixed with his entrepreneurial spirit and he co-founded GoElectric with David Lloyd. Together they are working to share the joy of Electric Vehicle ownership with people just like you.

To learn more about Jim, please connect with him on LinkedIn.

Jim Steil, GoElectric, Co-Founder, Calgary
Jim Steil
David Lloyd, GoElectric, Used Electric Vehicle Sales, Calgary
David Lloyd

David Lloyd is a certified tinkerer whose interest in electromechanics was fueled early on when he received his first Meccano engineering and robotics building set. As he grew he became interested in speed and was soon building electric go-karts for his kids to race around the neighbourhood. He passed down his love of speed and building machines to his his 3 children, all of which went on to obtain Engineering Degrees from the UofA. 

David received his Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Waterloo and spent 3 decades as a Control Systems Specialist. After retiring from Spartan Controls he co-founded GoElectric with Jim Steil with the goal of spreading awareness of the positive environmental and economical impacts that electric vehicles have. 

Drop by GoElectric to speak with David about what makes Electric Cars the perfect choice for a commuter vehicle. 

David Lloyd, GoElectric, Used Electric Vehicle Sales, Calgary
David Lloyd

Meet Our Trusted EV Advisors:

Ash Bio
Trusted EV Advisor Ash


As a founding member of GoElectric, Ash is guided by two rules:

#1: The customer is King.

#2: When in doubt, refer to rule number 1.

Ash is passionate about energy-efficiency, and being in step with the energy transformation currently spreading across the globe. Easy to get along with, and committed to finding solutions and delivering value to customers, you will find his enthusiasm contagious.  It is easy to be enthusiastic about planet-saving technology which also saves you money – come join the rEVolution!

Dave Bio
Trusted EV Advisor Dave


Dave spent 15 years in an exciting pressure-filled job, but as family started to come along, his interests began to shift toward the future: he became more and more fascinated by disruptive ideas and technologies. A CBC Radio interview about EV conversions led to friendship and collaboration – and he is now proud to say he is part of that Future: tomorrow – today.

Dave is very excited to be a founding member of the GoElectric sales team, and looks forward to helping others like yourself… … EVolve!

Trusted EV Advisor Rajko


Rajko Pavic (“RJ”) is from the Serbian capital of Belgrade, and spent 6 years in Russia (not as a punishment).  Rajko absolutely loves electric cars (the first project on his new house was installing a 220V outlet – “build it, and they will come”).  As an enthusiastic founding member of the GoElectric Sales Team, RJ looks forward to working hard to bring electric vehicles to more Albertans.  

Along with speaking three languages, RJ is very knowledgeable about EVs, and can help you find the right EV, as well as shephard your way into EV ownership by answering any and all questions you might have.  EVs for Everybody!